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There have been a number of ill-conceived attempts by commercial forces to generate scare campaigns around the safety of HFC134a.


So just what is the occupational health and safety story with HFC134a?


The facts are that HFCs are some of the most rigorously tested industrial chemicals ever produced.


Exhaustive testing by organisations such as the Program for Alternative Fluorocarbon Toxicity Testing, the International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium for Toxicity Testing, and the United States Food and Drug Administration have confirmed the safety of HFC134a.


 HFC134a is classified as A1 according to Australian Standard 1677 , that is non toxic and non flammable.


 HFC134a has been chosen by equipment manufacturers worldwide as their preferred refrigerant in many applications. In mobile air conditioning it is the only refrigerant used by original equipment manufacturers and recommended by relevant industry associations.


However from an occupational health and safety and environmental point of view, all refrigerants should be treated with care, and their emission to atmosphere should be minimised, in accordance with the Australian Refrigerant and Air Conditioning Code of Good Practice, SAA HB40.1 - 1997.


In fact HFC 134a has been cleared by all relevant authorities for use as a propellant in asthma puffers, involving some of the most rigorous testing procedures available.


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