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The Australian Carbon Pricing Mechanism Implications for Refrigerants alt (March 2012)

Senate Inquiry into Carbon Tax Pricing Mechanisms (7/9/2011)

Workcover V Maclaine Cross alt (PDF 466KB)
Court documents from the case Workcover versus Dr Ian Maclaine Cross
Cold Hard Facts - The Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry in Australia alt (PDF 57KB)
'Cold Hard Facts' is the first detailed report on the economics of the Australian Air Conditioning and Refrigerants industry, jointly funded by the Department of Environment and Water Resources and Refrigerants Australia.

HFCs: Is this the year to curb these super greenhouse gases?
Time for an update on new moves to control hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) A group of powerful global warming chemicals - under the Montreal Protocol and Clean Air Act.

A Tale of Two Protocols - How Montreal Could Save Us From the Mire of Kyoto.
The two Protocols stand in stark contrast, but the future of the world as we know it, depends on them.

Ministerial Briefing note and Summary of U.S HFC Submission to the 2010 Montreal Protocol

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